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Do you need to contact KTVQ? Find the various methods below that you can connect with us.

Contact KTVQ via phone, fax or mail

Main Phone Number: 406-252-5611

Fax Number: 406-252-9938

Mailing Address: KTVQ – 3203 3rd Avenue North, Billings, MT 59101


General Manager

News Director

News Department (news tips, feedback, suggestions) 

Sales Manager
 (advertising on KTVQ)

Digital Director (advertising on

 (technical issues)

Programming Department
 (on-air programming)

Production Department
 (creative, commercial production, etc)

Other Station Information

  • Station FCC Public File Contact: Pam Hofferber –
  • Main Studio Address: 3203 3rd Ave N., Billings, MT 59101
  • Children’s Programming Contact: Pam Hofferber –
  • (406) 252-5611
  • Jobs


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