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A Waiting Child loves learning and singing

School, singing and sports.  Those are the passions of this month’s A Waiting Child.

Tara, 14, just finished the 8th grade at Lewis and Clark Middle School.

She will be a freshman at Senior High School this year.

“Kind of nervous,” Tara said. “It’s a really big school. “

Still she looks forward to learning.

“I love school so much,” she said.  “I was like home schooled until I was like in fifth grade. And I’ve always loved going to school.

He favorite subjects are science and math.

She will sing in the choir at Senior.

“I literally listen to everything from like country to like heavy metal,” she said.

Tara has not thought much about what she’d like in a family

“People have been asking me that for like three years and I’m just I don’t know,” Tara said. “I guess I’ll see when it happens. I feel like I’ll just know. “

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